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08-24-2017, 12:27 PM
Just wanted to post my diet for any critique and/or if I’m missing something stupid or crucial.

I’m 36, just started lifting again after a good 10 year “break.” So I guess I'm pretty out of the game, hence I wanted some vets to look at my "diet." I’m about 5’11-6ft-ish, I weigh about 165lbs in the morning. Kinda in the “skinny fat” category, but not too bad. I’ve been doing the Fierce 5 novice program for a few weeks now.

I track everything with MyFitnessPal app, and it has me eating around 2800-3000 calories per day - give or take. I’ve been gaining about .5 - 1lb per week for the last few weeks. I’ll probably slow down the calories in the next couple months to minimize fat gain and try not to gain more than 2-3lbs /month. I’d like to get up to 185lbs over the next year or so, and do a cut before summer starts. That’s my goal at least.

I’ve been able to meet at the guideline macros pretty easily (.7g of protein per lb bodyweight and .4g of fat per lb).

According to MyFitnessPal I’ve been averaging about 180g of protein, 290g of carbs, and 110g of fat per day. I’m not pushing for any specific numbers other than to meet my minimums. So if I need to increase/decrease something let me know.

Most of the food I eat comes from whole / non processed sources, but I’ll have the occasional snack (ice cream, soda, coffee, candy, etc) every now and then. The wife and I go out on dates quite often as well, so I'll eat out on weekend dinner / nights.

I like fruit, so I eat quite a bit. Veggies have been a bit harder to get used to eating a lot of, and I’m sure I’m lacking in variety so hopefully I can increase that as time goes. Not a big veggie fan, but I'm working on it!!

I'm not "tracking" my specific micro numbers, I just try to get in some veggies / fruit in every meal or every other meal. Should I be tracking this more carefully?

I take a multivitamin every day as well, but I’m not really sure how much I’m getting from it. It’s just a generic multi from the local grocery store, so I probably need to invest in something better.

I’m not too strict on what I eat (as long as it’s fairly healthy), it’s more about what I’ve got in the fridge at the time and where my Macros are at. I’m not sure if that’s lazy or good, but that’s what I’ve been doing. I do weigh and track everything though, so I’m pretty certain of my calories and macros within a margin of error of course.

A typical day looks like:

Meal 1: scrambled eggs + cheese + salsa, bowl of oatmeal and a banana

Snack: Fruit of some sort and maybe some nuts or granola.

Meal 2: Bowl of green beans/broc****, large peach, meat (salmon/turkey/chicken/pork/whatever leftovers in the fridge).

Snack: Candy or a protein bar, or some nuts or something to hold me over. Maybe some fruit / veggies if we have any.

Meal 3: turkey avocado sandwich and/or peanut butter/honey sandwich and some grapes (or some type of fruit).

Meal 4: Whatever my wife makes for dinner (usually fairly healthy with veggies + meat + fruit + whatever else).

Pre bed Snack: OPTIONAL MRP shake if my macros haven’t been met (milk + oats + whey + Peanut butter in a blender). Or some ice cream =)

I eat quite a bit of variety, so this is only an example day (basically what I ate yesterday, ha). I’m not forcing variety, just whatever we have in the pantry/fridge at the time and looks healthy enough and that I can track through MyFitnessPal.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the amount of sugars I'm getting according to MyFitnessPal. But most of the sugars I'm eating come from fruit so does that really count? I also like salt on my food, so I'm working on cutting that down as much as I can or does that really matter?

Thanks in advance!

08-25-2017, 08:03 AM
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