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08-14-2017, 07:13 PM
Hey guys,

I think I am technically pescetarian, but who really cares? I just don't plan meat into my diet and I stay far away from dairy (stomach issues). But, I have been trying to build a nutrition plan that will be easy to prep, inexpensive, and flexible. I started with a USDA food plan that represents average weekly food consumption in different categories at different price levels; I mixed the least expensive and one slightly more liberal since a broke as hell college student. I also had to reconfigure the numbers to replace meat and the over 10 pounds of dairy they recommend with extra vegetables. Every day is the same, but labeled in categories so I can be flexible. The calories seem about right, but there are massive amounts of carbohydrates throughout. So definitely looking for advice or thoughts.

Total Cal/Day 2269
Total Cal/Week 15885

Breakfast 864.29 cal
Oats (50 Grams) 400 cal
Almonds (1.5 Oz) 274 cal
Fruit (2) 190 cal

Lunch 735 cal
Beans/Lentils/Peas (120 Grams) 250 cal
Barley (65 Grams) 200 cal
Fruit (1) 95 cal
Vegetable Mix (250 Grams) - Mushrooms,Eggplant,Beets,Jackfruit, etc.
Olive Oil (1 tbsp) 190 cal

Dinner Smoothie 310 cal
Dark Green Veg (130 Grams) 30 cal
Eggs (2 to 3;18/week) 180 cal
Soymilk (260 Grams) 70 cal
Carrots (65 Grams) 30 cal

Popcorn (65 Grams) 360 cal

If you would like to see the full plan I put together, I have attached the original excel spreadsheet. It should show how I came up with these numbers.

08-22-2017, 09:58 AM
Was there a question buried in there that you wanted people to help you with?

"Looking for advice or thoughts" is pretty vague.