View Full Version : Can my post workout nutrition = insomnia?

06-29-2017, 05:13 AM

i workout betweek 8 ; 30 - 9;45

i usually get home at 10pm and eat some yoghurt and protein and a banana.
SOmetimes some wholemeal bread with peanutbutter

the problem is i go to bed fine (usually at 12;30 - 1) but then i wake up at 6am everyday!

This is killing me. I don't know why i keep waking up so early. but once i wake up i can't get back to sleep.
I don't have to be up until 7:50am for work so it's really annoying because i'm constantly sleep deprived.

Is there anything wrong with my diet that may be affecting my sleep?
I was thinking maybe i should have more sugar post workout? maybe i get a sugar crash or something during my sleep? i don't know. I guess my post workout meal is pretty low carb except for the banana and wholemeal bread.

06-29-2017, 05:26 AM
How long has this been a problem? Why do you go to bed at that time? How long does it take you to fall asleep? Any idea what wakes you at 6am? Are you tired or sleepy at all throughout the day? Do you consume caffeine?

06-29-2017, 05:36 AM
Are you taking caffeine for your workout? It's recommended you take caffeine 6 hours before you sleep. My workout & sleeping schedule is similar to yours. Eat a meal high in fat and carb meal towards the night time cause that usually helps people fall asleep faster.