View Full Version : Anyone feel bad for The Mets?... (srs)(no Yankees troll)

05-02-2017, 07:28 AM
Harvey (28) - Tommy John, and thoracic outlet surgery. Will probably never reach his potential.
Wheeler (26) - Tommy John'd and now he has control issues.
Matz (25) - Reoccurring elbow issues, only managed 130IP last season.
deGrom (28) - Only pitched 150 innings last year, no major injuries so far though.
Syndergaard (24) - Hopeful work horse, but he just went down with a torn lat.
Lugo (27) - Trying to rehab a partial UCL tear.

I just want to see one season of all these guys healthy to see what they can do. Easily the best starting rotation in baseball. Throw in Gsellman too (although he's off to a rough start) and they got 7 deep.