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04-30-2017, 07:08 PM
First post here so doesn't get any noobier than this..

Question: Recently got an RMR test at a gym on one of those machines you breath into and it said my RMR was 1597 (without the lifestyle factor). I'm 6'2, 225#, male, and 43....does that seem right?

In January of 2016 I started a weight loss plan through diet. I was 290# and around 47% body fat. As of last week, about 15 months since I started, I'm down to 225 and around 28% body fat.

I used the online calculators and MyFitnessPal which told me my maintenance was around 2800 and my daily goal should be around 2300 so I've been targeting 2300 ever since. I've been using MFP to count my calories and have steadily lost a touch over 1# per week. I know calorie counting is not an exact science but however it happened it worked.

The past month or so though, it has been erratic....I've gone well over 2300/day for the week and have lost weight or have been under the 2300 and have gained so I thought my BMR had probably changed. Was a little frustrated trying to figure it out so I went to get the RMR test. But I'm having trouble believing the number. If it was right I'd be gaining weight like crazy, no??

With that being said, all the online calculators now tell me just around 2000/day and I think that's with lifestyle burn....just doesn't add up to me considering the results I'm getting at around 2300.

The guy giving me the test, when I questioned the number, said I definitely had a slow metabolism and working out would help ramp that number up.

Sorry for the long post but any thoughts? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!

04-30-2017, 08:12 PM
RMR is when you are resting and does not include calories you burn throughout the day with various activities. Your TDEE includes all calories burned. So if your RMR is 1600 but you burn 1200 calories throughout the day with standard activities of living plus additional exercise then it would make sense for your maintenance to be 2800.

Regarding if 1600 seems right, as one ages RMR will drop some and as one is cutting as you are RMR will also drop some, so you should consider both factors. I don't have the regular BMR/RMR measurements for different ages and sizes memorized and I don't have the time to look them up now (sorry).

However, knowing your RMR can be interesting but is not practical as there is no effective way to use that number in helping to guide your nutrition or exercise plans. Therefore, I encourage you not to worry about this at all.

05-02-2017, 06:32 PM
Hey thanks for the feedback. So I understand you need to add the lifestyle activity burn onto the RMR but I work 80 hour weeks at a desk and then go home and care for an ailing parent....I'm pretty sedentary so I can't see that number being too high.

Your points are duly noted and appreciated though. But I am lost...when you say to ignore it, I'm not sure how to proceed in managing my intake. The 2300 worked so well for like 14 months but now it's erratic...I've tried lowering a little, I've tried increasing a little and I get bizarre results that don't fit. Not sure how best to manage to keep myself on track.

And thinking ahead, I do want to start trying to mix weight training in soon with the goal of improving body composition and muscle and strength growth. Everything I read says you need to consume above maintenance to do that...how do I control that intake without going to high without using this (RMR) type of calculation?

Thanks in advance again!