View Full Version : Sweden let in all of the "6 million Illegal Mexicans" in 1 year

02-24-2017, 02:45 PM
The crime, poverty-it-up, gangs, child rape culture of the illegal mexicans has been a slow motion holocaust in America; albeit not as high crime as Chicago soutside.

Sweden let in 175,000 illegals per year annualized since the I-need-my-grills-son (Alan Kurdi Sr) sent his son to die in the sea.

175,000 compared to 8 million Swedes is around 2%.

The "Mexican Nationals" Illegals are about 6 million, because there are OTM illegals (non Mexican). That's 2% of roughly of 300 million. People get confused because there are anchor babies, lawful Mexicans, other Latin nation illegals. Many illegals from Morocco to Korea in America.