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01-30-2017, 01:00 PM
Hello everybody! Im actually bulking using MyFitnessPal and everything is going great so far, the only problem im having is im going over my sodium daily recommendations (and can't seem to get my fat needs tho, but im adjusting that).

What im looking for is Low Sodium meals, if they can be a bit fatty, better!

Thanks in advance!

01-30-2017, 01:04 PM
Unless you have a medical condition which requires you to control sodium (eg - high blood pressure) - there's no problem if you go over by a bit. Just drink plenty of water, and make sure you get plenty of potassium intake.

01-30-2017, 01:56 PM
Agree with the above. Also sodium guidelines are for sedentary people, not for people who train regularly who sweat out a lot of sodium. Chances are you'll need more than the average person.

01-30-2017, 07:36 PM
generally speaking, unless you deal with hypertension issues, you need not avoid sodium.

01-30-2017, 09:06 PM
I have Meniere's disease and high sodium is one of the triggers that can lead to me getting vertigo. I've had to adjust my foods, mostly just the brands of what I already eat. One of my favorite meals is 9oz. of ground turkey with 4 oz. whole wheat spaghetti/pasta sauce and some veggies. About 900+ cals and only around 300mg of sodium. I found a no salt added pasta sauce that only has 40mg of sodium per serving. Most other ones have around 400mg.