View Full Version : Because I have no life, I just re watched the thunder last 4 games.

11-25-2016, 01:06 PM
Together with the Lakers, the Thunder is the only other team that I have managed to watch every single game off...So I'm going to attempt to address a few common beliefs about their team.

"Everyone outside of Westbrook is awful and should be blamed for their lack of offense"

- Oladipo has actually managed to run the Pick and Roll at a decent rate and Kanter has been decent posting up. The rest of the guys rely on others to create a basket but so is any other role player in the team. The problem it seems like is that Every Role Player is forced to to go to spots that only Westbrook is comfortable dishing out to..In other words, off ball movement is non-existent because Westbrook Historical Usage rate doesn't allow for his teammates to set off ball screens, move from one position to another etc...

Essentially, The pass has to come from Westbrook before the role players can make a basket. Very rarily is it off a rotation.

" Westbrook is stat padding"

- Maybe. Part of the reason why the thunder are so bad defensively this year is because the perimeter is so open once a player in the baseline is set to shoot or a post player is set to make a bbasket. Westbrook is the biggest culprit here. Compared to his career where he his defensive rebound ration rate is 2.2, He now has a rate that surpasses even most big guys guarding the post at a Mind blowing 7.5 defensive rebound rate. The result is either a wide open three, or a forced rotation in the perimter


This Particular play is a perfect example of what I am refering to, ball goes to baseline and Westbrook sags off and moves to the paint...leaving the perimter wide open with Oladipo forced to defend two guys at once. A very common theme for this weak defensive team.

11-25-2016, 03:07 PM
Since Durant left, nobody gives a **** about westbroke and the ChoKe thunder

11-25-2016, 05:10 PM
the roster construction is just awful. there's no shooting on that team. Ibaka was a huge loss. oladipio's skillset is redundant with westbrook's. he and westbrook are an awful fit. both need to dominate the ball to excel and neither can shoot or play offball.

11-25-2016, 06:08 PM
strong WTF at watching 4 nba games.

get a life mayne.

ever since i switched to boxscore watching, my quality of life increased ten fold. Now i get what SDBaller5588 is onto. Well the next step for him is to cut down on the chit posting.