View Full Version : Advice - wanting to 'look good' - in between fat loss & muscle gain

10-25-2016, 10:49 AM
Hey guys,

I've signed up for this forum in the hope you might you may be able to offer some advice.

Male, 25 years old, 5 foot 9 inches.

** My Story **

About 15 months ago I changed jobs. I realised that I had put on a lot of weight in a stressful job and had let myself go a little. I wanted to lose weight, become healthy and look better.

I weighed 86 kilos, had body fat mass of 34.5 kilos and a BMI of 28.7.

I then started gyming seriously, running /walking at a high incline and doing lots of cardio. I ate better, not so late, regular meals of reasonable size and less junk food. I didn't really do any strength work.

As of today, I am 65.8 kgs, my BMI is 21.9, body fat is 17.5%. I feel much better. People tell me I look noticeable different.

** Today **

Now, though, I want to realign my objectives. I want to be able to look good on a beach or on holiday. I still have awkward fat; love handles especially - a spare tyre and excessive fat around my pecs.

I'm writing therefore to ask what I can do to get to the point where I 'look good'. I want to be lean, trim and be able to wear what I want, when I want.

I have started doing some basic strength training. I do:

- squats
- pull ups
- LAT machine
- chest-push
- shoulder push

I'm also eating a lot, lot less - and feeling less need to eat as much as I used to.

These two things have allowed me to notice a real difference in the last month or so.

I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer about how I can take that next step to be aesthetically pleasing, lean and get rid of this awkward fat.

Many thanks.