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06-17-2016, 05:19 PM
My name is Luis, and this is my second post here.

Age: 26
Height 1.87 cm (6,1 feet)
Weight: 79 kg (174 pounds)

I started to train about a year ago because I was overweight (93kg - 205 pounds), I trained with a Personal Trainer for a while, 4 times per week to get me started and I lost about 20kg (44 pounds).

Because of my job I had to move and started at a new gym, now I'm training on my own. I usually train for about one and a half hours in the morning, from 4 to 6 days a week:

Training routine:
Day 1: Back + Triceps + Abs
Day 2: Chest + Biceps
Day 3: Legs + Abs
Day 4: Shoulder + Traps
*Day 5: Biceps + Triceps
*Day 6: Legs + Abs

*When I have the time I do these 2 extra days.

I usually warm up doing some bodyweight squats, some pull ups and some push ups.

I went to a nutritionist so I consider I'm eating properly. I cut out sugars (only an occasional treat once a week), also cut out alcohol (maybe I drink a couple of beers/spirits every two months max) and I have a cheat meal once a week (usually is a lunch/dinner on my rest day but I try to “eat properly” the other meals of that day).

Diet (roughly):
Protein: 150gr
Carbs: 240gr
Fats: 85gr
Calories: 2.700

I’m taking Protein Powder with Creatine after my workouts (already incluided in my macro count)

I feel like I still need to get rid of some fat, mostly on my stomach, but I want to start building more muscle (not that I haven't). My muscles had grownth, my thighs have gone from 54cm to 61cm, my arms went from 31cm to 39cm, my waistline went from 91cm to 83cm, and so.

So my questions are:

What changes would you reccomend me to do on my diet? (Again, I want to gain more muscle without getting “too fat”)
What changes would you reccomend me to do on my workout plan?
Would you reccomend me to take some aditional suplements?

I appreciate the help in advanced.



06-17-2016, 06:02 PM
Well Luis it seems like you want to go on a lean bulk. The goal for that is to put 1-2lbs on per month. In order to do that you have to eat slightly more calories than you burn daily. I went ahead with your stats and calculated your TDEE and got roughly 2,830 calories. That being said you'd want to eat about 10-20% more so about 3,100-3,200 calories daily. I would start with 3100 and monitor your weight daily for changes. If after 2-3 weeks it doesn't increase or goes down then eat more. Be aware if it rise too fast then you may be putting on extra fat. Your protein and fats looks pretty good. For a lean bulk I'd say aim for 1g/lb protein, 0.5g/lb fat, and the rest a mixture of your preference of carbs, fats, and protein.

As for your lifting, I would train Biceps and back together and chest and triceps together as these muscles work in unison.

Hope this helps!

06-18-2016, 05:41 AM
Thank you for your answer. I'll start doing that asap, I just feel like I'm eating "a lot" already and sometimes I can't stand taking another bite, will have to figure out the way of incluiding more "healthy foods" to fill those extra 300-400calories. I don't eat junk food, so my diet is made of beef, pork, chicken, eggs, fish, veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, peanut butter, greek yogurt, rice, pasta and potatos.

What would you recommend to fill those extra calories? Some of the "big guys" from my gym recommend me to take a Mass Gainers for a couple of months (half a dose, that is roughly 500 calories).

As for my routine, as stated before that's what I used to do with my PT, I usually do 3-4 excercises of each muscle. I tried doing Back and Biceps, and Chest and Triceps once, but when I was on my last set of any I couldn't lift properly, specially when doing Chest and Triceps, if I started with Chest then I couldn't lift as much when doing Triceps, don't know if that's a good thing or not. But that was months ago, so I'll give it a second try.

Thanks again, any other thoughts?