View Full Version : Making a body progress app, what would you like to see included?

06-12-2016, 01:51 PM
Hey everyone, haven't posted here in a while..been trying to keep track of my fat loss progress using myfitnesspal's selfie feature thing but it kind of sucks lol, so being a web developer I have decided to make a (free) app for web and mobile devices to track body progress in a simple way that doesn't take alot of time. It's just a side project of mine so there is no solid release date yet, but if you would like any features added or any input please let me know. I checked and double checked the forum guidelines, this isn't promotion or advertising of a competitive site, just a dude trying to lose weight and make it fun for me and other people lol.

Also, I wanted one of the biggest features to be sort of a before/after in a few different angles, but have it so that you can have a slider that shows both pictures overlayed on top of each other, as well as separately. Anyways, thats my first post in like a year aha thanks for any help!