View Full Version : Are there any good threads/books for nutrition when working out late

05-31-2016, 11:00 AM
My apologies in advance if this is a commonly asked question. I searched the forum and found some threads but they seemed to be more around working out later (9-10PM ish) with a couple hours before going to sleep.

My dilemma is that I work out usually from around 11:00-12:30 AM then go to sleep about 20 minutes after working out. I typically have a protein mix with just water but I don't have any reference of what would be best for my nutrition given my weird hours.

A bit of background about me: I don't compete and lift since (1) I enjoy it (2) I'd like to get in better shape/add muscle and (3) most importantly, I want to be healthy for my kids.

My current schedule is:

7-8:30 AM: Get ready, get kids ready, drop kids off at school. My gym is in the garage so I can't work out in the morning as my wife is gone at work and my kids are really young.
8:30 - 6:30/7 PM: Work
7-9: Dinner and time with my kids
9-10/10:30: Get kids in bed, get them to sleep, etc (They are crappy sleepers and my wife is already sound asleep since she works early)

So my guess is a full post work out meal isn't the best option but I honestly have no idea what is best given my late night workouts.

05-31-2016, 11:26 AM
It will be the same as anyone else, just less time from last meal to bed; working out a little later changes nothing.

The shake before bed is a good idea though, as a protein rich meal before sleep can benefit recovery.