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04-27-2016, 01:20 PM
sup guys just looking to gain some insight here!
ive been training for about 3 years now and have made some significant progress since i first began. one area that i have struggled with the entire time is my legs (like most) however my case is a bit different than a majority of people. most people go into the gym on leg day and have a half assed mediocre workout and call it good.I on the other hand bust my ass every single day ESPECIALLY leg day. Thus far in my career i have tried 1.the 20 rep philosophy which i would back squat 225 20 times for 3 sets. 2. ive tried the "heavy weight, heavy gainz" philosophy which i did for 3 months and was garbage to me, provided no results except for strength. 3. ive been on a two leg days a week program doing glutes, hammies, and calves one day and 4 days later focusing on the quads and calves this one has probably been the closest to providing me any results, but still not much. Each routine was done for about 3 months and honestly i have not noticed a difference in my legs. they get sore, theyre isolated, my movements are proper and every program ive done has included multiple rep ranges. PLEASE do not come on here giving me the same bull**** i read on every other leg post as this situation is not uniform, i would love to hear some tips as well as things i could possibly be doing wrong.
Thank you guys for your help, very much appreciated, ;ets hearsome knowledge!

05-12-2016, 05:10 AM
It's never bad genetics. It's just that you need to find the right exercise that works for you. In my case, even though I do squat (and gain strength doing so), my body responds far better to lunges with feet bent inwards and hips tilted outwards in terms of hypertrophy. Also perform a lot of stretching to build a neuromuscular connection with legs for better CNS activation. 'Bad genetics' is a simplistic and outdated excuse. Study kinesiology in your free time and become knowledgeable on the subject to progress your own way. After all, knowledge IS power.

05-23-2016, 05:29 AM
Try this routine for a month and tell me how it results for you:

Walking barbell lunges: 20 x 3
Barbell Squats: 8 x 4
Leg Press: 8-12 x 4
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 12 x 4
Leg Extentions: 12 x 3
Seated Leg Curls: 12 x 3
Seated Calf Raises: 12 x 2
Standing calf Raises: 10 x 3

Give it a shot, I used to do it last year and in my opinion it gave me the best leg development and great proportion.. I used to do it twice a week - I've stopped it simply because I'm a lazy bastard and I've been told to calm down a bit with legs