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04-21-2016, 08:22 PM
Respect the Streamer and the Stream Staff
No Spamming
Do not ask for Mod
No links in chat without permission
No excessive caps
No harassing other viewers
No advertising

Black desert is dedicated to serving the BDO Community. We create guides, tools, databases and more to enrich your experiences in Black Desert Online.

Our stream is here to promote Black Desert, BDO Streamers, and provide our followers with high quality outlet to watch and learn about the game.

Tome Talk will broadcast every Saturday once we have access to the EN version.

We will feature a panel of five streamers who not only show off the features of BDO, but discuss the content, changes, and their opinions of the game.

Viewers are welcome to pose their own questions to the panel via BDOTome Forums as well as during our Q/A sessions.

Displays how much Karma the sender has.

Displays the viewers with the ten highest point totals in the channel.

!ticket purchase AMOUNT
Will allow you to spend your Karma to enter our raffle giveaways.

!vote OPTION
Enter your vote in a poll created by the streamer.

"Tome Streamers" is a program started by Black Desert Tome to provide viewers with a continuous stream of high quality Black Desert content.

We hand pick streamers to host throughout the day, eliminating the need to search through all the channels.

When Tome Streamers is running, viewers are welcome to hang out in our chat, discuss the game, and while doing so they will gain Karma Points.

If you are interested in being a Tome Streamer you should submit an application here.

Black Desert Tome
Black Desert Wiki
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Guild Database
Desert Buddy Compass
Black Desert Database
Skill Calculator
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Official Website
Black Desert Tome Youtube

On our stream sometimes we will perform giveaways, using “Ticket Raffle”. When a Raffle is announced you enter the key word “bdotome” to use a ticket to enter the raffle. You can enter a maximum of 10 times per raffle.

You purchase raffle tickets with karma by using the command “!ticket purchase AMOUNT”

Note Raffles are only open to BDOTome followers

When the streamer announces we are doing a Ticket Raffle, you will want to purchase tickets. Each ticket is one entry into the giveaway. This means the more tickets you purchase the higher chance you have to win.