View Full Version : Is it possible or likely to be a ecto-meso mix

04-19-2016, 04:58 PM
I did the wrist measurement thing and im dead on the line 6.5 inches. Anything less im small frame anything more i am medium. They say since im 6.5 inches that im medium frames but that goes all the way up to 7.5 inches.

I easily gain and lose weight at will (some will required of course but equal in both directions). Ive been in my adult life as low as 140 pounds and as high as 190. As a matter of fact in the past year i gained abd lost 30 pounds (stopped paying attention to body and then went on a diet).

My brother is a pure ecto extremely skinny literally 110 pounds at 5"6. Both my parents are thick boned endomorphs (go figure).

Is this whole body type thing all a crock? Do i just so happen to be in the inbetween bone structure?

Am I an ectomorph with a slower metabolism that allows for weight gain?

Am i a way under muscled meso who will pack on muscle if i get on a good diet and exercise program (please say yes lol)

And if I am the inbetween version should I expect decent muscle gains? Do we got any other Ecto-mesos who can check in? (Im pretty sure im just a dead in the middle mix between ecto meso but i have my doubts)

Really im just chiming in to see how other body types like mine faired and to try and peg my body type. The online resources for ectos is a pretty grim path.. years of working out for a fraction of the gains of their peers. Hoping not to be too associated with that group.