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03-09-2016, 10:31 AM

A Republican presidential candidate doesn’t have to accrue a majority of delegates in eight states to be considered for the nomination during a contested convention in July, former Republican National Committee lawyer Ben Ginsberg — the party's preeminent election law expert — said Wednesday.

“That's part of what's called the temporary rules. Each convention has to pass for itself the number of states that put a candidate's name in nomination.”

In 2012, revisions to Rule 40 raised the required number of states from five to eight, but no number is in effect for the Cleveland convention, according to Ginsberg. “The 2016 convention and its rules committee has to make that decision,” he said. “So there is no eight-state rule in effect right now for the next convention.”

“The 2016 convention can make that number one, eight, 18, 28 or 58, if it wishes,” he added.



03-09-2016, 10:41 AM
That's never going to happen. If the GOP doesn't go with the popular vote and someone who clearly clinched the nomination, all hell would break loose. The GOP would 100% guarantee it won't have another president from its party for decades and there would be a mass exodus of republicans to either independents or to democrats. That would literally be the worst case scenario and people would totally lose their trust in the GOP.

Kind of what happened in the 1960's with the democratic party. Pretty much self destructed.

03-09-2016, 10:44 AM

They can change the rules right up to the convention.

Bernie has to take his medicine, but Trump can buy and sell the entire republican party. Including dishrag romney.

Interesting election.

03-09-2016, 10:58 AM
I think the only way the Republican party survives is if Trump is nominated.

If he's not, then a legit third party that could be up to 25 percent of the population will emerge.

03-09-2016, 11:01 AM
That's never going to happen.

Never seems a little strong. It would certainly be ugly if Trump gets far above the "ordinary" delegate threshold...but he is only pulling ~35% of the actual Republican votes getting cast so far (but that might change...he should be doing real well in New York, New Jersey, and some other states, etc..)

Would your feelings be hurt if they use a procedural vote to increase the number of states where you have to win a majority of the delegates?

It looks like they could simply just put the threshold out of reach for anybody and then nominate based on the majority at the convention (it wouldn't be Trump).

If the GOP doesn't go with the popular vote

Trump isn't winning the popular vote. Nobody is winning the popular vote.

and someone who clearly clinched the nomination, all hell would break loose.

Uh huh. Maybe you would see things like the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader calling out the front runner as un-American and against party values for being coy with white supremacists.

You never know you could even see the previous party nominee himself completely trash the front-runner because the party hates him so much and sees him as a general election loss and destructive to the party brand.


What do you think? It sounds like they don't actually like Trump...