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02-03-2016, 07:01 AM
I'm not a super huge fan of veggies (as in I haven't had an actual vegetable in over a year). I just never really made room for them into my diet. In place of them I have been taking PharmaFreak Greens Freak for a while. Personally I hate the taste but I need the nutrients because I won't get them from anywhere else. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better Greens Food SUP or is PharmaFreak good enough?

02-03-2016, 07:42 AM
A better supplement is ACTUAL VEGETABLES.

There are so many varieties with so many different ways of preparation. Find a couple veggies and ways to prepare them that you like. Trial and error.

02-03-2016, 07:46 AM
^^ That ^^

I can't seem to fathom why you wouldn't have asked this question a year ago instead of going a whole year without a vegetable.....

02-03-2016, 07:58 AM
It's not that hard to "hide" vegetables into food. Make meatloaf, mix them in with your pasta, shepherd's pie, eggplant parmesan, stuff peppers with meat and cheese.

02-03-2016, 08:20 AM
Supplements are not, and are not meant to be, replacements.

02-03-2016, 08:21 AM
So you "think" you don't like veggies(because you probably haven't had well cooked ones), so instead buy overpriced processed veggie powder(which probably does very little) which you HATE the taste of, and think that will take its place? I'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry...

02-03-2016, 09:36 AM
I did the same thing for a while OP. Then I realized I was wasting a lot of money and not setting the example for my kids that I wanted. So, I bought several different vegetable medley's from the frozen foods section and tried different spice combinations until I found something that I liked. You just have to give it a go.

I like the pepper medley, the squash/zucchini medley, the grill medley, and the stir fry medley.

Onion powder and garlic powder are my go to flavors for now and I cook them in olive oil in a pan. They are actually pretty good for vegetables.