View Full Version : My Workout Routine

12-16-2015, 07:09 AM
I'm looking for feedback on my workout routine. I'm just starting to workout again and this is the first workout I've made myself so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing so any feedback helps. I'm looking to primarily burn fat but obviously also build muscle at the same time.

M- Legs (Press, Extension, Curls, Calf Raises, Lower Back press)
T- Chest and Arms (Chest Press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press, lat pulldowns)
W- Cardio and abs
Th- Same as monday
F- Same as Tuesday
S- Same as wednesday

I'm not using any free weights but have them available if it would help. Everything is coming from machines. Everything I do is 3 sets of 10. Not sure if I should do it cycled or finish each exercise before starting on the next. Thanks for your help.

12-16-2015, 07:49 AM
I'd scrap this all and just do a novice routine.