View Full Version : Kristaps

11-24-2015, 05:37 AM
Knicks fans you guys got a good one here

I've watched him a little this year, but I had yet to see him play an entire game until last night

You learn a lot by watching somebodys mannerisms on the floor

I knew he could score, rebound, and block shots, but he has a little nasty in him too

I was impressed with his game, but what I was most impressed with is his attitude. The Knicks had an off night and so did he, but he never got down, he never checked out, he got angry. Typically you would expect a big euro guy to be soft, but he is far from it. He played Bosh really tough, and even had a hard frustration foul on Wade that sparked his team a bit.

Came away thinking this guy is going to be an absolute megastar and has all the characteristics you want out of franchise player, not just skill wise, but some strong leadership intagibles that I saw from him

Love his attitude and tenacity, Knicks fan smile this day, you aren't contenders but you got a damn bright future with this kid