View Full Version : Hey anyone who has been to Israel is it kind of creepy? Or fun?

11-15-2015, 04:36 PM
I have heard both sides, one it is heavily militarized and kind of creepy, not really very tolerant if you say the wrong thing. Have to listen to IDF soldiers telling stories of beating kids and Palestinian baby jokes. On the other hand disco life is great, and on a kibbutz you can get laid like a mother cuz Israeli girls are easy. So which is it to anyone who's been there?

In what ways is it backwards and in what ways is it modern? Is it really a Third World country with a First World air force? I don't expect to get a balanced view but should be amusing. Serious replies only please.



11-15-2015, 04:45 PM
You fishing out for agents op?

11-15-2015, 05:02 PM
You fishing out for agents op?

No I actually am fairly curious, have heard both. One buddy had a great time in a kibbutz walked around with his ass crack showing and bare-chested in a bomber jacket, said the chicks loved it and he got fukked like crazy. But his grandmother doesn't like it, too many guns everywhere, creepy.

11-15-2015, 05:03 PM
I would like to give my opinion. First off, I have SOMEWHAT an opinion to value because 1. Im half jewish and 2. My mom currently lives in Jerusalem (I live in Miami and don't belive much in religion). To begin with. Jews have been hated on since .....FOREVER! I mean millions were killed only a couple generations ago. Most of them I know are super generous and peaceful. When it comes to human beings your always going to find the good and bad in ALL walks of life. Brazilians, French, americans, asains, Africans. All these countries of good guys and bad guys. Now that we agree on that, lets get to the point. When you watch a sport. you cheer for your team. You hate all other teams, and some you hate with a fiery passion. (rivalries). You pay attention to the action but never see whats going on behind locker rooms. So what makes you think as you sit here watching this news of a war ISRL VS. GAZA do you think you know whats going on behind closed doors? you don't. It seems to me like this story was twisted so much to make it seem like all jews are terrorists when that is simply not true. I mean put yourself in theyre shoes. you live in this tiny country the size of NJ and you have threats from all around you. why wouldn't you fight back and let it be known that your going to stand youre ground?! no man is going to let someone else walk all over them and invade theyre home with theyre family in it so why should a country allow another to do exactly that? Anways. The bigger picture here is that there are some wealthy people behind all of this. a very few (1%) of families (you should know theyre names but you probably don't) who are getting RICH$$$$ as hell off these media debates and import/export of weapons, playing a sadistic monopoly with our very own lives! They are the real threat Not jews, Not al-Qaida. Remember when the U.S blamed everything on Al- Quieda??!! Now where are they? U.S Has no one to blame so I believe theyre the ones provoking war.. I mean look at Malaysia anybody forget about that?? and when I say U.S I don't mean just America the home of the free( yeah right I have 3 friends in jail for smoking a plant.) I mean the rich mofos who run the country along with all the other rich mofos who want world domination. and one world government. The owners behind closed doors pulling all the strings just like a sport! Wake up people. My mom and I Skype everyday her and everyone she knows in Jerusalem want this war to stop and pray everyday for peace. Jews are not terrorists maybe they are watching the war but not out of entertainment but out of fear. did u ever think about that? This article smells fishy just like the whole situation. cmon people wake up please. this has nothing to do with those terrorist in soldier uniform with guns. the real terrorists are the ones in suits! Its our job to open our eyes and march against them or they will overpower us through mind control, food control, they own the water supply soon they will own the air we breathe if we don't stand up for ourselves!!! . One love my brothers and sisters. I hope we all unite as ONE! in the name of EARTH! our beloved planet that weve treated so poorly. LETS CHANGE THE WORLD!!! Don't point your finger at these countries. point them at the satelites watching our every move! point them at your webcams and your phones because big brothers watching you. Open your eyes!!!! and notice we are being fooled by media fooled by the news. we are being programmed ! What a chaotic world, such a messy one with a evil-inspired designed system of living. We should be finding ways to co exisit with nature and each other. In my heart I know deep down it wasn't meant to be this concrete jungle of pollution, greed and violence. It was meant to be shared and taken care of. This place could be so heavenly instead it is turning into hell. Might be too late. If things don't change, ill be so glad to be dead when my times comes. I hope my soul never has to come back to EARTH. filled with people who idolize overpaid athletes and crappy musicians. I know theres better worlds out here in the Universe that are so much better. Holyyyyyyy **** im so highhhhh I have been typing for 20 straight minutes and if you read all of this you must be too! ;) PEACE TO EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD. OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND COME TOGETHER! SEEK WISDOM SEEK HAPPINESS AND SEEK LOVE! ONE!