View Full Version : Warning to our Muslim brothers - Do not come to the Czech Republic! (LOL!)

11-12-2015, 11:31 PM
Warning to our Muslim brothers!
Do not come to the Czech Republic!
If you do, do not stay here!

The Czechs are prejudiced against us Muslims. They may not tell it to our eyes, but they openly talk about it among themselves.

They are prejudiced against people with darker skin!

There have been many demonstrations here against Islam.

The Czechs consider Muslims to be generally worse than the gypsies, which they generally hate so much that they can't even get jobs here. Companies will generally not employ them. Landlords will not generally rent them apartments. They often end up living in ghettos.

The living standard is extremely low here compared to Western Europe, where minimum wage is around $2000/mo. In the Czech Republic it is one of the lowest in the EU - around $500/mo.

It is a corrupt country with a known judicial mafia and the government loves U.S.A. and Israel. Some top government officils take them almost as Gods. There is a large percentage of Jews in the government.

The country is full of homosexuals, including in the top government posts. It is not a good place to raise our Muslim kids.

Catholic is the main religion here. The government just gave away the Catholic Church many billions of dollars in property. There are regular programs on national, government owned TV, where there are Catholic priests promoting Christianity. Satanism too is openly practiced in the Czech Republic.

The general public will probably never accept us here. We are afraid that most of the population will always be hateful towards Arabs.

The women will generally not date us. Of the few that will, their families, as a rule, will not accept us – will generally consider us to be something worse.

Czechs have white car plates. Foreigners have to have yellow ones - like nowhere in the civilized world!

There is an unbelievably strong propaganda in the Czech social media against Islam and us Muslims generally. We are over and over again called rapists, murderers, infected with the worst diseases, stupid, lowlife, etc.

The situation here quite strongly contrasts with how things are in Western Europe.

The jails here are full of people with darker skin. The amount is very disproportionate compared to the national makeup of the general population.

There are Czechs who were suggesting on the social media to burry pig head under a mosque during construction.

There are neo-Nazi groups and political parties whose members are militant and hate us.

There are tremendous human rights violations here. See the film Kajinek. Although it is in Czech, it is worth seeing anyway, even if you do not understand the language. It is about an innocent man, who has been put in prison for life for murders, which were carried on by policemen. It is based on a true story. The Czech post-communist, pro-Western government for decades criticized other nations, including Muslim ones, for human rights violations, while it violated human rights of its own people on a very large scale, and it continues doing so.

The current president Zeman is against the current Muslim immigration. He loves Israel and wanted the Czech Embassy in Israel to move to Jerusalem. He did not care that it would totally enrage us Arabs. Zeman wants to use the same methods as Israel to hunt Arab "terrorists". If the Arabs fight for the American and Israeli interests, they are called freedom fighters. If they are against the U.S and Israel, they are considered here terrorists.

Previous president Klaus, known for homosexuality, gave amnesty to the biggest crooks, who defrauded ordinary people of hundreds of millions of dollars. He has received many highest awards by the various NATO states and their institutions.

The president before him, the first post Communist president Vaclav Havel, known for homosexuality, has been celebrated in the US, Israel, and other Western countries., which, since the time of his presidency, has been promoted here everywhere.

Before the fall of communism, there have been statues of women representing beauty. Now there are new statues of men with long penises here.

The Czech army is a part of NATO and is on American and Israeli side of conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

There are numerous people here, who lost their house or an apartment due to a $1 debt, some of them did not even have it. You may lose a lawsuit, which is totally fraudulent, because you do not have to be served here in person. It is enough to hang the notice that you are getting sued on a court bulletin board. But the courts do not even do that or do it in a way that you will not see it. You will lose a lawsuit and will not even know that it happened. Then they will be adding tremendous fees to the judgment repeatedly, so eventually due a non-existent debt of $1, the state authorized "exekutor" will break into your home, when you are not there and will confiscate your things, even if they belong to someone else, who is living with you. Then they may sell your home for a fraction of its value to someone who may bribe them.

There is a well documented case about a woman, whose father is a Syrian doctor. The woman is being harassed, sued and repeatedly threatened with death by a racist Arab hater. He already even managed to steal all her money, an apartment, etc., with the help of judges and the police. He even used a phony contract, which had her fake signature. The police and the judges, who help him in destroying this woman, and everyone else who helps him, know that she has an Arabic background and that he is an Arab hater. They even know that he calls darker skin people monkeys. Even the ministry of justice, which had a homosexual minister, let it go. This racist is represented by a lawyer-politician, whose wife is a politician too and is listed on an internet list of Czech Jews and half Jews.

Little boys get raped here by Catholic priests.

The state attorney office is run by a homosexual.

A number of TV moderators are homosexuals. So your kids will have homosexual role models.

Our children can be taken away from us here and given to 2 homosexuals, who will be their new parents. Our children will have two homosexual men as parents.

Do not take our word for it. It is just the way we see it. Maybe we are wrong. Find out the truth for yourself! Once you'll agree with us:

Do not stay in the Czech Republic! Run to Germany instead! As fast as you can!