View Full Version : 18 day fat loss - Calories, cardio and macro advice

11-08-2015, 08:00 AM
G'day guys!

So I've been bulking up for the last 9 months and am looking to do a quick cut for a raft up that's coming up (inb4 shredding for stereos). Ideally I'd have given myself more time for the cut but I have exams and hell didn't wanna be in a caloric deficit for them.

Bulks gone very well, from 69kg (152lb) @ 10% BF to 85kg (188lb) @ 15% BF at 185cm (6ft 1). Been running Wendler 5/3/1 as my strength program with 15 sets bodybuilding accessory work 4 days per week. Currently eating 4000 calories a day, with macros at roughly 200P 400C 130F. My maintenance is pretty close to 3000calories, maybe slightly under.

Was thinking about cutting the calories down to 2500 with macros being 200P 150C 100F and adding cardio daily (alternate between HIIT and moderate intensity). What do you guys reckon? I know i won't lose heaps of fat in such a short time but just trying to minimise muscle loss, worked fkn hard for these gains.