View Full Version : first show done and now I need some help

11-01-2015, 07:04 PM

Did my first physique show this past October, looking to get back on stage at the same show one year later.

My goal is to put on 20 - 25 lbs over 8 months, then come in 5-8 lbs heavier then last year after cut/prep. Does anyone have advice on ways to make sure the fat gain is as minimum as possible and keep the waist in check. I will be manipulating my calories to make sure I am gaining .5 - 1 lb max per week , but would like advice on any things like Cardio, meals per day, supps etc. Looking for any help here

Currently 205 lbs, 6 FT 2 , Looking around 3000 calories
Protein- 300 grams, 225 Grams Carbs, 90 Grams Fat . On non workout days, I will drop carbs