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09-10-2015, 08:00 AM
Hi new to the forum and after some help please, really want to lose weight while keeping as much of my muscle mass as possible.

I'm about 238lb and want to lose quite a bit of fat. Been looking in to calculating calories and needed macros but everywhere I look advises differently?

Any help would be much appreciated I also lift weights 4 times a week for just over an hour as well as some cardio here and there!

What's the best way to calculate to lose weight?

09-10-2015, 08:21 AM
iifym. com/iifym-calculator/ (remove the space)

And read the stickies

09-10-2015, 08:50 AM
iifym. com/iifym-calculator/ (remove the space)

And read the stickies



It's all laid out for you in this one thread.

09-10-2015, 12:09 PM
THIS! Calculate your calories/macros from Emma-Leigh's thread posted above.

Counting calories/macros is the most efficient way to lose weight. You also don't NEED cardio, but it's a good tool if you're having issues achieving the calorie deficit you required for weightloss.

Goodluck! :)

09-10-2015, 12:26 PM
Shoot for a minimal of 1g protein and .5g fat per lb of lean body mass. Once fat and protein requirements have been met, fill the remaining calories with carbs to make up the rest of your diet.

The calculation for how many calories you need overall might take some time due to finding the right equation and/or understanding what to input for them. Even then they are usually not perfect and you must do some tweaking and experimenting after you get a good estimation to get something more fitting.