View Full Version : gyno issue? help

08-23-2015, 05:59 AM
okay well im 16 and i have a pretty bad case of gyno. my whole life its been bothering me and i hate it.
im guessing i got it because when i was younger 3-13 i put on a large case of weight and got to around 98kg (216 POUNDS) in the last few years ive lost the weight, put on muscle but i still have bitch tits.

it honestly sucks so much because i cant just go out and wear a plain t shirt like every other kid my age and i cant even take my top off in public etc. im also looking at starting a career in fitness and it would be really embarrassing if i still have these.

any thoughts on what i should do? ive heard surgery is my best bet and they can perform it in 2 ways. can i get surgey for them at this age? does anybody know how much it would cost? (im located in melbourne australia) has anybody had any experience with this sort or thing?

please no hate, looking for honest answers. thanks

08-25-2015, 04:57 AM
If you are 16, don't you need a consent from your parents to get a surgery?

I advise you to talk to people, first to your parents and if surgery is an option you are looking for, talk to the surgeon or doctor first. If your parents cannot offer advice, most likely your doctor will.