View Full Version : Losing weight when going back to eating at maintenance

08-14-2015, 01:29 AM
I've noticed this twice now: When I do intense weights and protein and 20% to 25% deficit "by the book" the weight moves slowly but its still moving, like 0.5lb to 1lb per week and then when I "take a break", stop counting macros and just eat at maintenance calories and no workout for a couple of weeks then the weight drops like a brick.

The first time I did the deficit+protein+weights for three months and then during a one month "break" (all I did was ensure calories don't exceel maintenance, eating whatever I want) then the weight dropped a lot.

Then second time I got back on the drill for about 5 weeks and the weight hardly moved, and now I took a 1-week break taking it easy and eating at maintenance I lost 8 pounds!

Is this normal, why is this happening, if anything I am eating more carbs when taking a break so shouldn't I be retaining water more now? Or does it have anything to do with hormone or sugar levels?

Or am I losing muscle weight when taking my breaks?

Is this what they mean by "cheat days" and "refeeds"?

Note, these are not intentional breaks I am taking, its more like willpower lapse and then I keep it under maintenance when it happens (damage control) before I can gather myself up again and get back on track. But now I'm noticing a pattern that it helps with weight loss, I am wondering if I should make it a regular thing?

08-14-2015, 03:05 AM
by break...u mean no working out and no proper diet...then yes you're losing muscle...and replacing it with fat more than likely...

weight loss is typically slow if you are trying to become lean meaning you are replacing fat with muscle

weight loss is easy you just drop your calories to below maintenance and you will lose weight...simple but when you cut to become lean you are trying to lose fat which is limited to a max per day type of thing and put on muscle ...muscle weighs more than fat so some days you may only see a .5 decrease on scale...

scale shouldnt matter honestly not too much if you're truly trying to lose weight and are properly counter calories and on a deficit...what matters it the mirror take before photos and compare to now photos...those are what show the difference a 180 musculare man doesnt look the same as a 180lb fat guy obviously

and dont worry bout refeeds cheats...ect now...worry about losing weight for now when your like 15% BF then worry bout that stuff because thats when things get difficult and the body gets stubborn and needs specific ways to remove or shed that extra bit of fat.

08-14-2015, 05:35 AM
As you lose fat, the fat cells tend to fill with water prior to deflating. Upping your calories (and due mostly to increasing carbs) back up to maintenance levels reduces cortisol levels, and usually leads to what is refereed to as a 'woosh' where your body will release this water in the fat cells, thus lowering your body weight. Give this a read: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat-loss/of-whooshes-and-squishy-fat.html

Note, your body will release this water weight eventually even if you do not have your diet breaks/periods of eating at maintenance. This retained water also has no effect on fat loss, it only masks it by the scale weight staying consistent even though your body fat is going down. This is why you must trust the deficit and only lower calories after 3 weeks of no weight loss.