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07-19-2015, 11:58 PM
so I have a lot I need to ask on here, please bare with me.

real quick let give you guys a rundown of my journey, I've played sports all my life I got a little heavy after I stopped playing very poor diet and no exercise. at my biggest I was around 250 but I am 6'3 so I was never a lob. I started doing t25 and p90x3 about 16 months ago and eating healthy and I now sit around 195-200, however the last bit of fat has not left my stomach, I'm very tall and slim and my stomach is hard when I stand and the abs are trying to pop but as soon as I sit down either fat or skin comes out of nowhere and its like where is this coming from and why wont my abs come out?

so I have always been against the gym mainly bevause I am absolutely braindead to what to do there, exercises what muscles on what days etc, but I'm finally realizing it would put the finishing touches to all my hard work. many suggestions for a first time gym goer with zero gym experience?

what should I be eating, I am extremely hard on myself when it comes to eating, I do a lot of eggs, lean proteins,stir frys, salads, whole wheat breads, nuts, quest bars, steak, turkey beef, but I've come to the point idk what im doing wrong, im eating healthy stuff I do absolutely zero fast food, soda, added sugars, anything processed or frozen I won't touch but it seems my body won't change anymore than it has.
what can I do to get this leftover fat off and get abs? I'm also extremely bust with work hours so I can't always sit home making up meals and I am on a budget

sorry for this wall of text guys, any help will be appreicated

07-27-2015, 01:19 PM
Your body is definitely thankful for your healthy diet, though to really get rid of that last layer of fat you want to burn, you have to cut your carbs drastically over some weeks.

You have the right exercise and cardio down im assuming, so its just a matter of cutting your carbohydrates and making sure that your fats also dont go too high. To get to what seems like your desired body fat, try over 6 or so weeks of going from 200 carbs a day down to near 50 by the last week.

07-27-2015, 01:40 PM
You should start tracking your macros so that you can make smart adjustments to reach your goals. To see how exercises are performed search on youtube or head to ExrX (http://exrx.net/Exercise.html). I'd also advise to ignore post #2.

Calculate your calories using the stickies below or IIFYM Calculator (http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator)
Apply a 10% deficit or surplus to your total intake based on your goal.
Make adjustments on a 2 week basis. Raise or lower your intake by 100kcal of whichever macronutrient you prefer provided minimum fat and protein requirements are met.
Track your weight daily or weekly at the same time of day for accuracy.
Aim to lose or gain 1-1.5lbs per 2 weeks. More overweight individuals may safely lose up to 2-3lbs per week.
Pick a novice program and be consistent.
To track your macros use an application such as MyFitnessPal (https://www.myfitnesspal.com) , Cron-O-Meter (https://cronometer.com) , MyMacros+ (http://getmymacros.com) , Fitocracy (https://www.fitocracy.com)
Acquire a food scale to accurately track your macros. How to use a food scale Food Scale 101 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Lg5YlIbeT0)

Must read:

Micronutrients matter.

Eating the same thing everyday can deprive you of other micronutrients thus variety in your diet is important.
Dietary fat is essential. The only bad fat is industrial trans fat.
No specific diet is necessary to acquire weight loss. What matters is that you are in a caloric deficit.
Depending on your carb intake when you increase/decrease you may see immediate weight gain or loss do not panic. Do not micromanage your intake per day, instead make adjustments on a 2 week basis.
Women during their menstrual cycle may experience larger swings in water weight do not panic stay the course.
Nutrient timing is largely irrelevant unless you're a serious athlete.
To look up the nutritional content of food head to NutritionData (http://nutritiondata.self.com) , CalorieKing (http://www.calorieking.com) , Caloriecount (http://www.caloriecount.com)
For information regarding vitamins or supplements head to Examine (http://examine.com)
For ideas to compose your own meal plans based on your macros head to Eathismuch (https://www.eatthismuch.com)
Eating tuna everyday is not healthy see spoiler.
EPA Guidelines:
Canned white, or albacore (0.32 parts per million of mercury). Children under six can eat up to one 3-ounce portion a month; children from 6–12, two 4.5-ounce portions a month. Adults, including pregnant women, can safely eat it up to three times a month (women, 6-ounce portions; men, 8-ounce portions).
Canned light — the safer choice (0.12 parts per million of mercury). Children under six can eat up to three 3-ounce portions per month. Older children and adults can safely eat it once a week. But look out for “gourmet” or “tonno” labels. They are made with bigger yellowfin tuna and can contain mercury levels comparable to canned white.
A better alternative is canned salmon (mostly sockeye or pink from Alaska), which is low in contaminants and high in heart-healthy omega-3s. It’s also sustainably caught in Alaska and similarly priced, making it a great choice all around.

Please refer to:
Calculating Calories and Macronutrients (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=156380183)
Nutrition For Newbies & Must Read Threads (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=136691851)
Discretionary Calorie Allowance (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=133634471)
The dirt on clean eating (http://wannabebig.com/diet-and-nutrition/the-dirt-on-clean-eating/)

Novice Programs:
All Pro's Beginner Routine (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=147447933)
Stronglifts 5x5 (http://www.stronglifts.com)
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