View Full Version : Need Help losing weight.

07-15-2015, 05:08 AM
Hey guys,
i know there are a million threads out there the same as this, but i thought i wold make my own to get a more personal response.

Im not looking to do weights or gain muscle, i know this is a body building forum but you guys are have more knowledge then most so i thought i would start here,

Basically ive been eating healthy and going to the gym to do cardio stuff for a week now.

My eating plan atm is.
skip breakfast as i wake up very early for work.
lunch i have two wholemeal wraps with chicken and salad on them and a fruit salad.
and diner is ussally what ever is being cooked at home. willing to change this if it will help the weight loss.

at the gym im doing about 40 mins of carido. 20 mins on the tredmill and 20 on the bike.

i just want to know if here any other exercises that will help me?
are there better foods for me to be eating?
Are there any suppliements which will aide in my goal to lose weight?