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06-23-2015, 09:06 AM
Hey everyone! Looking for some help :) I'm pretty much redoing my whole body.
I'm 5'4.. I was 183lbs.. I'm currently down to 160lbs - I'm a 27 Male and have a large frame
I got down to about 172lbs, with just eating better "not eating out" and cutting out most crap
I have a fairly physical job, so I guess that helped out too
Then 172lb to 160lb, was with a working out on top of that.
Was a size 34, now 31 :)

Now I need to kick it up a notch.. I got the workout stuff down pretty good was just doing weights before, but just started running
Day 1 - Chest/Backs
Day 2 - Abs/Run
Day 3 - Arms/Shoulder
Day 4 - Abs/Legs
Day 5 - Rest
Day 6 - Abs/Run

I just don't know how to feed my self properly...
I was at 161-162lbs with 29.7% body fat two month ago "digital scale, I know not accurate but at least it's something"
If I'm not mistaken that works out to 47.81lbs of fat
I'm now 160lbs with 27% body fat.. 43.2lbs of fat

So here's the totals so far.. DINNER NOT INCLUDED
Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, "Dinner would go here", Post-Work out Snack right after, than 2 hours later another snack
Calories - 880
Fat - 19g
Protein - 72g
Sodium - 1725mg <- I know... I need to cut this!
Sugar - 32g
Carbs - 105g
Cholesterol - 120mg

Here's what I'm thinking of having for dinner..
Burger/Bun Toppings "I didn't add toppings in total" and Spinach Salad with Fig-Balsamic Vinegar
So Assume a bit higher
Calories - 1290
Fat - 46.5g
Protein - 103g
Sodium - 2465mg <- Yup...
Sugar - 34g
Carbs - 142g
Cholesterol - 235mg

Any help would be great! I have no idea if these numbers are to high or if something is to low?


06-23-2015, 10:17 AM
All the help you need: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=156380183

If, after calculating your micros and macros, you have more specific questions feel free to ask.

06-23-2015, 10:44 AM
I agree with checking out the link above. You need to figure out your macros and TDEE. Then go from there. Make sure you hit your minimum protein and fat requirements.