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05-23-2015, 05:03 PM
I am a male 18 years old 5'8 and 205 lBS. I want to lose at least 35 lBS Before summer break ends so in about 3 months. There is a local gym that I am able to go to everyday with standard workout equipment and treadmills. If I was to run 1 to 2 miles every day and do bench press and curls and work out my legs every day for 3 months while taking these 3 supplements would I reach my goal? Here are the 3 things I would be taking. Please look at the links below. I have heard nothing but positive reviews about this brand and their products specifically their protein. Also would taking these 2 pills be an over kill or necessary for my goal? Thanks

www . bluestarnutraceuticals com/products/blade[/url]
www . bluestarnutraceuticals com/products/glycodrive[/url]
www . bluestarnutraceuticals com/products/iso-smooth[/url]

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Weren't you 16 a few minutes ago?

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1) Weight loss is dependent upon diet, not supplements. Seriously 99% of it comes from being in caloric surplus, and supplements can help aid your diet for the last 1%. Go to the Nutrition subforum, check the stickies. and educate yourself on calories, TDEE, and macro breakdown.
2) 35lbs in 3 months is a lot. That's almost 3lbs per week. You're bound to lose significant muscle losing weight at that rate.
3) Bench, curls, and legs every day is a terrible workout plan. Get on a real program. Check the Workout Program subforum and find a program has makes sense and has programmed progression.
4) Blue Star makes great supplements. I highly recommend them. However, until your diet and training is on point, they will do absolutely nothing for you other than make your wallet lighter.

The Solution
05-23-2015, 05:30 PM
First of all training legs everyday is a horrible idea
2nd training legs on a caloric deficit everyday is a worse idea
Trying to lose 10 pounds a month is a far stretch thats a bit over 2lbs a week which is considered fast and will be tinkering with a fast case of muscle loss.

It sounds like you need to stop and get focused on your diet and proper caloric deficit and not invest in the supplements buddy. Could they help? A bit, but honestly you will not see results training legs everyday, doing nothing but curls and bench press and running 1-2 miles.

Start here.


I highly suggest you read here regarding your diet:


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Weren't you 16 a few minutes ago?
No bro its his other account which he is 16 in

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No bro its his other account which he is 16 in
16 a few minutes ago, 18 in the OP, and 25 when he set up his account.

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It wont do anything unless ur diet is in check.

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Weren't you 16 a few minutes ago?


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Lol well when someone makes a thread claiming to be 16, then you tell him he doesn't need supplements at 16 or something like that, then they delete it and make the same thread where they're 18...


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16 a few minutes ago, 18 in the OP, and 25 when he set up his account.