View Full Version : Give me initial thoughts on your teams NFL draft

05-05-2015, 12:48 PM
Ill start:

Cowboys let the draft come to them and got an extremely athletic CB/S who has some great ball skills and intelligence in the first. Then they didnt give up any picks to get Gregory at 60. That right there was brilliant. Was very very shocked to not see a RB picked, even with Ajai still up there in the 4th when they could have easily gone up to get him. They got a MLB in the 4th just incase McClain doesnt pan out next year, a replacement for leary and some depth at the D-line.

My grade: A

Also, dont even start with the "you cant grade the draft untill 3 years" bull sh*t. Yes I understand that we wont know how these players will preform, but simply grade your teams based on how well you think they addressed their needs vs BPA and trades.

k thx bye

05-05-2015, 02:08 PM
Giants had easily the best draft in our division. We basically got 3 first round picks and all of them are an immediate upgrade.

05-05-2015, 02:15 PM
yo did we just get Greg Hardy's cousin? wtf mayne

05-05-2015, 02:21 PM
If I'm grading the 49ers based on what I felt their needs were going into the draft and my feelings towards the players in this draft I give them a D.

Wasn't a huge fan of Armstead. Felt Tartt was a reach at a position that didn't have much need. Best pick was Harold in the 3rd round.

But thankfully my opinion means sh*t so for all I know Armstead could turn into Richard Seymour, Tartt into Kam Chancellor, Harold into Aldon Smith minus off the field issues, the punter they drafted is an all pro for 10+ seasons and Smelter recovers like a champ to be a faster version of Anquan Boldin.

05-05-2015, 02:21 PM
We drafted Jameis Winston, that one pick is enough to decimate every other teams entire draft class.

I wish I could invent a new letter that would precede the letter A in the alphabet to give the Bucs for their draft grade.