View Full Version : First 10 picks of 2005 draft were all BUSTS for their team

04-18-2015, 04:07 PM
1. 49ers- Alex Smith. Not debating this. Before Harbaugh he stunk and the team stunk. Then the 49ers pawned him off.

2. Dolphins- Ronnie Brown

3. Browns- Braylon Edwards

4. Bears- Cedric Benson

5. Bucs- Cadillac Williams

6. Titans- PacMan Jones

7. Vikings- Troy Williamson

8. Cardinals- Antrel Rolle. Good career but it didn't work out with Arizona as they released him.

9. Redskins- Carlos Rogers. Again, good career but never started 16 games for Redskins and they let him go after 6 seasons.

10. Lions- Mike Williams