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03-22-2015, 11:58 AM
When a long-suffering comes at a weight loss before undertaking an extensive search is important to check that there is indeed weight loss and measure the period in which it occurred.It is not uncommon to see patients who have not noticed they have actually lost weight on relevant extent.All major weight loss to a previously healthy person has not sought consciously usually indicates the existence of a systemic disease. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly calculate the certainty body weight of each forbearing. As weight loss a symptom of another disease, treatment is based on correcting the disease that is causing the weight loss. The normal individual maintains their body weight in a predetermined level of remarkable stability, given the wide variation daily caloric intake and activity level. Because of the physiological importance of conserving energy reserves, it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off voluntarily. Weight loss occurs when energy intake exceeds calories available for that purpose. Mechanisms weight loss are, the reduced food intake, malabsorption, and loss of calories increased energy requirements. Following the reasons: Overweight and obesity are not beneficial to health because they influence, as a risk factor in many diseases. Though Lose weight ,if overweight is indicated for improving the quality of life of people. Losing weight is possible if simple measures such as care for the food and exercise regularly and properly, taking into account each person followed. If these measures are not sufficient for weight loss diets are healthy favoring the task. However, weight loss may be related to any pathology. In this case, it is important to see your doctor, especially if weight loss is sudden, remarkable .A weight loss may be due to numerous causes. Usually, weight loss is related to low food intake, special diets, performing exercise or stress. Weight loss is usually harmless and is solved by changing daily habits and food . If you have suffered a loss of sudden and unwanted weight for no apparent reason, you should see your doctor to find the right diagnosis. In the anamnesis, the physician should ask the patient the kilos you have lost, how long, and if you notice other disturbances as, fatigue , diarrhea , pain . We should also know, among other things, if something has changed their eating habits or physical , if you had a disease such as chronic bowel inflammation or cancer , taking medicine or are going through a difficult family situation or employment. The scale indicates your current weight and body mass list indicate if it is below their normal weight. To determine the extent and causes of weight loss must perform a complete check on the pulse and are measured blood pressure and, if applicable, an electrocardiogram and ultrasound .In the blood can be detected other causes weight loss. In this case, we must look at the values of thyroid hormones , the blood sugar level , the values of liver function, function of the kidneys , the level of fat in the blood, red blood cells and white , signs of inflammation and other blood values. A stool analysis can also be used to detect, for example, a parasitic infection. If you suspect a particular disease such as, hyperthyroidism , diabetes mellitus , intestinal diseases or cancer, as the cause of weight loss, more tests will be needed to make a correct diagnosis. The treatment of weight loss should deal with the original causes of it. Whether there has been a poor diet, for example, has been eating less than your body needs, it is important to take dietary habits and physical health. In this case, it may be helpful advice from experts in nutrition or other therapists. Especially in eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, mental illness is important psychotherapeutic treatment and, if necessary, psychiatric. If the weight loss is due to hyperthyroidism , treatment should be based mainly in making drug treatment. If the cause is a parasitic infection should be treated with worming, for example, tablets niclosamide. If it is caused by a cancer , it is necessary to treat the growth according to the stage where you are eg, surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy . If the cause is drugs, weight will normalize as stop taking them, although you should always consult your doctor before doing so.