View Full Version : How to properly fuel PWO sprints?

03-18-2015, 09:06 AM
I'm 17(don't know why my profile says 45) and I eat my pre-workout meal about 2 hours before lifting. Usually this is about 50g carbs and 40-50g protein. About 4 weeks ago I started doing 10+ 100yd sprints directly after lifting, and then having my PWO meal of a protein shake with a red pepper, half a carrot, broccoli, 2 cups milk, and whey isolate powder, as well as some sugary cereal on the side for glycogen spike. I've still seen considerable gains, but im wondering that once I work my way to 15+ 100m sprints where its a bit more time consuming, should I be getting BCAA's to sip throughout the workout so that my body doesn't turn to muscle for fuel, or would taking glutamine do that job, or having a mix of whey and casein protein pre workout help so that the casein protein is still being absorbed during the workout? Or instead of any of those just up the carbs in the pre-workout meal? I'm not a nutritionist these are just some seemingly logical ideas I've worked out but if anyone who knows the finer details could help me out that would be awesome.