View Full Version : Slow cutting for 12 weeks - Advice?

03-17-2015, 09:29 AM
Hi guys

Since September i bulked up from around 160-195, gaining good muscle but my diet was in no means clean, gaining fat along the away. Im 6"2 195lbs with about 15% BF (Maybe a little less)

This is how i planned to cut, all advice is welcomed. I plan to cut slowly for 4 weeks, then introduce cardio for the next 8 weeks.

Carb cycling cut: (F/C/P)

MON - 2500 cals (Maintenance) 50/200/250
TUE - 1800 cals 70/0-50/280
WED - 2000 cals 50/120/270

etc, thats my cycle.

My diet consists of egg whites, whey protein, all lean meat sources, fish, and brown carbs, green veggies and a tonne of water!

Supplements: fishoils, BCAA, glutamine, Creatine, Dextrose (post workout)

EDIT: I've been cutting for just over a week now. Im spacing my meals out with this split: 9AM-12-2:30-6-8:30-10 with the earliest and last meal being a shake as i gym late at night (9pm).

Im aware that during a cut i will start to feel smaller (i already do)... just wondering how long itl take before I can see visible abs and when my body will start looking more defined?