View Full Version : Bodybuilding competition Height & weight class question

03-05-2015, 08:13 PM
Hello there, this is Henry Kim, I have a lot of questions about bodybuilding competition(contest prep) which is on-season.

1. Does bodybuilders avoid to eat fruit when it comes to on-season? (True or False?)

2. I'm wondering about a bodybuilding contest which includes weight classes. I'm 177cm(5'9 1/2), weight in 185~187lbs(84~85kg) and body fat is 12~14%?
My body type is ecto-Mesomorph. My goal is to become a heavyweight over 198lbs (90kgs) and super-heavyweight over 225lbs(102kg).

I don't want to become flyweight(55~59kg/ as ~60kg)~bantam weight(70~74kg/ as -75kg) because it looks skinny and there's a lot of competitors there....

I'm trying to build muscle and losing fat right now. If my height is 5'9 1/2 (177cm), how much weight(muscle mass w/out fat) should i have to gain in a off-season??
(If you have a formula like mathematics and a chart, just let me know, plz)

Thanks a lot~^^