View Full Version : Cutting time compared to Bulking time

02-26-2015, 01:40 PM
Looking for someone who has went through bulking/cutting phases

What seems to be the length of which people bulk after a certain length of bulking.

For example

If you bulk for 2 months on 500 calories what would be the reasonable length of the cut following

Would the cut be slightly less than 2 months?

Basically I am wondering if every cut should be slightly less than the time it took to bulk and not Bulk time = Cut time?

Like if you bulked for 5 months it shouldn't take 5 months to cut or should it? Lol

I know the most obvious answer is "Cut until you get results"

I am talking in general, how long does the cut usually take compared to the bulk.

So if you bulked for 2 months how long would the cut take (in general)

Should the cutting time always be quicker than the bulk?