View Full Version : Newbie needs advice for cutting

02-21-2015, 06:40 PM
Looking for a test run competition for the first time. It is 1.5 Months away. My next show (the real deal) would be May 15.

I am not counting my calories, all I can tell you is I eat 4-5 times a day and it is very clean. Minimal processed foods such as bread, pasta, etc. Lots of protein and I drink protein pretty consistently.

How does one cut down? I am looking to do this show as practice before another one in May. I haven't done cardio in about 6 months, adding some HIIT once or twice a week might help right? I'm a full time student so it's hard finding time to add cardio to lifting as it is. Should I change my weights plan to lower rest / higher rep? Currently I'm lifting really heavy and am getting great results from it.

From what I've heard I should be reducing my calories? I'm not trying to starve myself or go low-carb. School is very demanding and I am interning in neurosurgery. I need to be smart at all times; having a no-carb dull mind would definitely damage the most important parts of my life.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!!

I cannot post pictures, please go by what is posted in my profile. And my instagram is TJKIV_