View Full Version : Soybeans protein content and cooking method

01-11-2015, 04:24 PM
Hello everyone!!

So, right now I'm a semi-vegetarian, the only animal protein I eat comes from eggs, cheese, milk, whey protein powder and fish, so I try to get as much protein as possible from any other non-animal source. Recently I started eating soybeans because they have all of the essential amino acids but doing a lot of research, I have noticed that the protein content in soybeans varies depending on whether they are: raw (around 36g of protein per 100g of soybeans, according to most websites), boiled(17g) or roasted (35)

So, it looks like they lose protein when boiled :(.I have been preparing them boiled until now (if this is true, it really sucks), roasting them takes more time (which I don't have right now) according to what I have read, and they cannot be eaten raw so my only viable option is to keep boiling them.

My question is żdoes anyone if ther is something can I do to preserve a litle bit more of protein when boiling them?