View Full Version : Fat loss and muscle building but health issues in the way - help!

11-23-2014, 04:57 PM

This is my first time posting so bear with me. :)

Basically, as an adult I've struggled to keep my weight under control but as a kid and teenager was super active in sports and dancing. I decided a few years ago that I was tired of blaming my genes and flip-flopping on diets and short lived exercise routines. I started doing a "bootcamp" with a girl who is a personal trainer who I went to highschool with. She was awesome and I built up some killer muscle and dropped over 50 pounds in a couple of years without being very strict. The last 6 months I went hardcore determined to lose that last 20 and I did. I looked fantastic, I felt fantastic and was even doing pin up modelling (yes, in actual magazines).

Enter gigantic problem......I had gotten myself into an abusive relationship and the anxiety and depression that I'd struggled with since I was a child just got completely out of control. Plus, the pressure of modelling etc. I started to drink. In the past year I also had 2 brain surgeries and a broken ankle. The last year and a half have been pure hell and I gained back all the weight and then some lost my muscle and screwed up everything.

So, this is where I need help. I'm actually completely physically healthy (thank goodness). I've been working out since June trying to pull my life slowly back together. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life and this is after I promised myself \i would never be back here. I threw out all my fat clothes. I LOVED working out and watching the definition and my muscles grow. I am back with my old trainer (she's now an award winning fitness competitor) doing "bootcamp" style classes. They are different now and involve a lot of lifting....I know the next few weeks we are doing "Hypertrophy".

Ok, questions.....so, I'm still off on disability so I basically get no exercise except for when I go to the gym which I am trying to do 5 days a week but so far have only been doing 3. So, I feel my cardio is lacking....it's winter and crappy outside or running would be an option....other ideas? How much cardio should I be doing? I have a goal of losing 50 pounds by June (though it's inches I'm really worried about). I want my life back. I want it back as fast as possible but also as healthily as possible. I want to feel good about myself again. From there I want to see how far I can go...maybe a competition down the road.

Also, I know nutrition is huge. I'm on a medication that actually reduces my appetite but I know I need to be consuming a decent amount of protein and obviously nutrition to be healthy and achieve my goal. Since I really am not active during the day and night and I'm not very hungry I find it hard to gauge what to eat and how much and how often as I am not as active as other people. So how much do i eat and how often and what so that I make my muscles happy but can still shed pounds? I am working at being more active with my gym visits and walking instead of driving. It's just a struggle with depression. I know that with exercise and losing this weight and bulking up a little. I know I'll feel a million times better like I did before life came crashing down.

Sorry for the long post and any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.