View Full Version : Cutting so close!! but binge in weekends :(

10-06-2014, 01:37 PM
Hi guys, really need your help.

im 6,1

gyming around 1 year. i eat completely healthy during week days but soon as Saturday comes i binge eat lollies , chips ect, maybe go over by about 1000-2000 cals

it kills me because i eat so go and gym hard ect

what advice can you give me to stop cravings and motivation im 2 months out from Ozzie and really want to look nice once im there im sitting around 14% bf

10-06-2014, 01:48 PM
I was going to make a new thread for this, but I will just respond to this instead.

Stop thinking about food as something delicious. Stop thinking about how you can't wait to eat dinner tonight. Think about it as something you need to do to survive.

Always be busy and doing something. I have been extremely busy for the past week and when I get hungry I don't think, "I really want to eat something delicious right now." What I think is "I have to work on this project and eating will be a distraction. I have to eat something though or I will feel like ****."

Do not buy junk food. If it is in your apartment, you can easily cave and eat it. If you did not buy it you cannot eat it since you never bought it.