View Full Version : Losing Fat Teenager, please help

10-02-2014, 10:01 AM
Okay guys I'm 18 years old, have always been active. I played football for all of highschool and sports every year sense I was 5 or 6. I've always been "stocky" but recently after senior year in football became in love with bodybuilding/aesthetics. I did my first bulk right after the season and stayed pretty cut. I did a 40/40/20 eating processed carbs and still didn't gain much fat. I was trying to eat 3500kcal because with a calculator my BMR was "2200" or close to it. My lifts went up fairly nice in the 3 months that I bulked. I had quit counting calories and even lifting in general due to exams, senior trip and I broke my hand on senior trip first night of being drunk. so needless to say my hand gets healed and I'm back in the gym and I'm doing real well. I'm tracking my weight and counting calories again but I'm cutting now to lose all that fat I out on. I've estimated I'm around %17 body fat I will post pic if I can. Now several calculators have told me my bmr is anywhere from 2000-2600. Which is reasonable. Men usually 10-12x body weight. So I was eating 2300kcal a day and realized I was gaining weight with my spreadsheet. So I dropped my calories to 1700. I do not eat many processed carbs at all I stick to fruit, whole GRAIN bread, and brown rice because I know high blood sugar releases insulin and insulin can lead to fat gain so I have tried to minimize that. Well my question here is with my logs I've only been obtaining about 1500kcal and exercising every other day in the gym doing a hyper trophy routine. Chest, back, legs, shoulders, core, abbs, bi's/tri's. Small rest times (30sec and about 21 total working sets) this is month #2 and I have lost fat I can tell. I feel tremendous but on the scale the numbers are not adding up. I keep fluctuating between 198 and this morning I weighed 200.2 198 was my lowest. Maybe I need to invest in a more accurate scale. My I do push myself in the gym. If the squat rack is unavailable (the past 2 days) I grab a bar from bench press and throw 135 on hang-clean it and do front squats. My lifts aren't getting "stronger" but I feel my endurance and cardiovascular system really gaining from it. I'm wondering if the muscles grow in this aspect? Would it cause my weight to stay the same? But Basicly I'm eating 1500-1700 cals sometime hitting %30-35 fats (mono and poly not saturated and trans) IF My BMR is "2000" that's 500 caloric deficit on the days I don't lift and maybe 700-800 on the days I do. Which evens out to about 650 total caloric deficit per day, per week. Why is my weight staying the same? SO MUCH INFO THANKS GUYS XD. I do plan on going to college for advanced nutrition/dieting/exercise science I just love it and motivation people! Thank you so much for reading