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09-05-2014, 10:59 AM
Hey everyone, name's Adrian, new on the forums here. Long story short, I basically just spent the past 3 years in front of computers for 8-16 hours a day, because of my advanced diploma in game development. I've got a real fast metabolism, so luckily that didn't destroy me too much or anything. Anyways, I first stepped into a gym when I was 15, and worked out sporadically for periods of several months at a time until I was 21, until the 3 years of college I mentioned left me with only time for school. Now that I've recently turned 24 and am done with school for the foreseeable future, it's time to return to the gym for a serious, consistent, focused effort + results. I could write an essay on why working out is important to me, but basically I want to capitalize on the maximum potential of my body's height and frame. I am 6'2.5", 160 lbs, which is pretty close to as light as I can pull off being within a safe range for my height. My goal is to reach 185-190 lbs. After a bit of mindful research, I recently purchased a 5lb jug of NowFoods Whey Protein Isolate.

In terms of body somatypes, I'm for sure mostly an ectomorph, not that it matters in particular. I've been able to put on some muscle before with moderate effort and discipline when I was younger. The heaviest weight I reached was 170. My main question(s), for anyone interested, is how someone with my body type and goals should go about using the whey protein isolate I've purchased. From what I've read, the main idea is that using the protein supplement I have immediately before and after my gym sessions, coupled with a consistent diet of 5-6 meals a day, is the way to do it.

What I'm a little cloudy on, is if I should be using a protein supplement on my off days, and if I should use it any other times than just before and after my workouts on days that I do go to the gym. Any other pointers on diet for someone like me would be greatly appreciated as well.


09-05-2014, 12:43 PM
For someone who claims to have done some "mindful" research, this post in its entirety states otherwise.

Start at the stickies, calculate your caloric needs, proceed to eat x amount of calories for 2+ weeks and monitor weight gain / loss, and adjust accordingly.

Whey protein is a good source of protein, but that Is all it is, just another source of protein, nothing magical.

09-05-2014, 02:06 PM
approach it however you would approach to eating meat, no difference. have some few servings of vegies, 30-40 grams fiber, and just hit your daily goal for protein carbs fats every single day. i just finished my degree in computer science starting job next week , hope it doesnt ruin my lifting too lol

09-05-2014, 04:53 PM
do some more research. start by reading the stickies. Whey protein is no different than other protein sources. It is just more convenient for you to use.

But remember whey protein is just a supplement after all. Foods over whey.