View Full Version : Antioxidants and muscle building

07-27-2014, 05:04 PM
As most of you know, antioxidant supplementation in the form of vitamins c/e have been shown to impair muscle growth and recovery after exercise, as well as inhibit the beneficial increase in insulin sensitivity caused by resistance training. I'd like to hear your opinions about whether or not antioxidants from food placed pre/post workout can be detrimental. Many natural foods are also anti inflammatory and inhibit cox-2 and prostaglandin production, which as i've learned are KEY players in muscle growth/repair. One dilemma i'm having is, for example, I love having a few cups of coffee before my workout, it beats any preworkout supplement any day. However, coffee is full of antioxidants and compounds that inhibit inflammation and cox-2 etc... Which leads me to believe that the antioxidants, and anti inflammatory compounds will decrease the muscular damage caused by exercise, and subsequently hinder gains and other beneficial effects of resistance exercise. Note: compounds in coffee, such as caffeic acid, have been proven to inhibit cox-2, inflammation, and act as antioxidants that reduce muscular damage from exercise (it wont let me post links, so do some googling). That study is very alarming, in my mind it's saying that it prevented the damage of weight training, and the point of weight training is to cause muscular damage, and then rebuild. Furthermore, as you know beta alanine increases carnosine, and carnosine has been proven to be a muscular antioxidant and protect muscles from damage. Thanks in advance for your opinions.