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07-14-2014, 09:58 AM

So,short and sweet,can somebody point me in the right direction concerning upper body workouts to start with please,but only with dumbbells (I have adjustable)and a band ? I live in a small town,so there isn't something like a proper gym here.

I'm not asking about the lower body,because I played field hockey for over a decade,so I pretty much know what my lower body's capabilities are,and how they need to be worked,except my calves,if anybody can point me to a torturing calf workout that would be great.

Thanks so long,if I missed something in the notes I should have seen,just point me that away :)

Some extra info :
Age : 19
Weight : Not sure at the moment,as it's winter. It's somewhere 65-67kg,I'm about 68 after breakfast with a layer of clothing.
Body shape : Athletic/Brick. Think Hayden Panettiere or Hilary Duff,but with a looooot more leg muscles. Broad shoulders,but a big bust. Tiny waist,and weight pretty much evenly spread
Diet: Keto,if you want to know why,ask
Goal : Weight loss,but also muscle gain,want my upper body to match the lower body in terms of muscle.