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07-10-2014, 09:32 AM
So, I was going to do another diet plan for cutting, but a lot of people recommended that I do Keto. I read some stickies on it, but still don't entirely understand it. I made up my daily macros, so please give me your critique on it:

General info: Male, 20% bf, 210 lbs, 6'0"
-TDEE: 3100, cut to 2400 for fat lose.

* 2400 kcal Goal, a 23% deficit.
* 25g Carbohydrates
* 180g Protein
* 180g Fat

Split up into 4 meals a day, plus a 40g protein shake after a workout, I get this:

6g of carbs \
35g of protein > x4 meals a day, +40g of post workout protein.
35g of fat /

So, do those numbers look correct? I'm still not entirely sure on how to make the actual diet plan, however. It takes awhile to find the keto "on switch", but the off switch is as simple as drinking a soda or even overeating on nuts. So, can someone give me a quick food list that would fit this list?

Also, could someone explain the carb days to me? For 36 hours I need to be eating about 900g of carbs(or is it lower, I was told 10g per kg of bodyweight. Is it 10 calories per kg of body weight instead)? Is that correct? When I do that, should I cut my fats down to fit into my calorie limit? So, for example, about midday on Friday, I would want to get this by the time I go to bed:

-300 grams, or 1200 calories, from carbs,
-My usual 180 gram, or 720 calories from proteins
-55 grams of fat, or 500 calories.
Totals are 2400 calories

And then, on Saterday, I would want to get this:

- 600g of carbs, or 2400 calories (my daily caloric limit already)
- 180 grams, or 720 calories from proteins
- 0g of fat?( would that be right?), or 0 calories.
Totals of 3120 calories

*************EDIT: I was doing some more research and was told that doing a carb refill on the weekends, while you are trying to lose weight, was counter productive, and shouldn't be done. Is that true? Should I skip carb loading on the weekends if I am cutting?
Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks!

07-10-2014, 09:33 AM
There is a keto section. You could probably get better help there.