View Full Version : World Cup Four Great Semi Finalists

07-09-2014, 11:18 PM
It is the semi-final time in the 2014 Brazil World Cup. The four semi-finalists are Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Holland. It seems that the semi-final this week are Europe against South America. They are called the best four semi-finalists.

In the World Cup history, Brazil, Argentina and Germany totally won the title ten times, Holland won three-time runners-up, Brazil and Argentina two-time respectively while Germany four-time.

In the semi-final, Germany meet Brazil and Argentina face Holland. The four great traditions clash, Spain excepted, there are the four nations most neutral would have wanted to see in the penultimate round. And those who grumble that the quarter-finals failed to reach the operatic pitch of the group stage ought to find another sport.

Germany and Brazil though are the sides under most pressure. The pain would nag for decades if this generation of German players were to end their international careers without a trophy. Brazil face an even heftier weight. Without Neymar for the rest of the tournament, and their suspended captain Thiago Silva in Belo Horizonte, the hosts have lurched from excessive emotionalism to the more belligerent stance.

Along with Holland, Argentina have the best, or happiest bandwagon. They conceal their weaknesses cleverly and Messi has the mark of destiny. But they too have lost a star Angel Di Maria who limped out of the Belgium game with an injured thigh. The Messi-Di Maria link has been Argentinaís calling card. Holland could aim to flood the central midfield area where Alejandro Sabella, Messiís manager, sometimes leaves a glaring gap.

The South America and Europe, who could win in that intercontinental matches? The Netherlands? Germany? Brazil or Argentina? No doubt, whoever win, it would be a splendid game.more from : fifa14mart