View Full Version : Living in the Subway

06-18-2014, 05:29 AM
Watch this first:


Nobody paid attention to that magnificent performance. Nobody appreciated a great thing even when it stared them right in the face.

That is life in the subway.. Many of us live in the subway.. If you are happy living in the subway, great.. But to some people, there is this ‘feeling’ deep in their gut that shouts “I don’t belong here.. There’s gotta be something bigger and better out there. I have a calling and a bigger purpose in life.”

There is something better than the subway.. It’s right above it. It’s called the metropolitan..

People who live in the metropolitan usually worked very hard to climb up the stairs. Every single one of us has the ability to climb out of the subway. Everything we do in life truly is limited by what’s between our ears.

That fine violinist, my friends, was Josh Bell. He is the greatest living American violinist. His concerts command $140 per ticket. And his shows are always sold out.. And the violin he used, it was at least a million bucks.

The funny thing was that after the subway ‘experiment,’ Josh began to doubt himself.. He said during an interview that he was beginning to ask himself if there was something wrong with him because nobody paid attention. Of course, there was nothing wrong with him. The subway people just did not see the other life out of darkness.

This is Josh in his ‘norma’l environment - in the metropolitan. Nobody is forcing us to climb out of the subway. But we all have the right to pursue the dream of living in the metropolitan if we chose to do so.