View Full Version : The guys who workout at my gym must be the strongest

06-04-2014, 05:51 PM
They are so strong that 99% of them warm up with 135, never with just the bar. Plus they only need to to a few 1/4 reps to be fully warm.

Some guys are so strong that they load a couple plates on the bar, stand around walking back and forth fiddling with the plates and then only unrack it and rerack it. I guess that must be part of some sophisticated new workout that old guys lke me just dont get.

Speaking of guys like me. There are a few middle aged guys that are so strong they dont need to lift any weights at all. they just dress like they are lifting, hang around the weight area talking really loud to the young guys. They must be motivating the young guys to get strong like them. They must have just come from another powerlifting gym or something because they have wraps and braces on every joint of their bodies. They do some lifting though. They will pick up a really heavy dumbbell and do a couple partial reps of hammer curls. This seems to be a favorite exercise of the overly strong.

I saw one poor slob actually bench pressing and letting the bar come all the way down to his chest today. Felt sorry for him for not being as strong as the rest of them.

Funny that these guys dont look really big. The really big guys seem to stay to themselves and do full workouts and rep. Guess they didnt get the memo.

06-04-2014, 08:16 PM