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05-26-2014, 08:30 AM
I have been weight training for 36 years consistently...so I have seen many things as they evolved in gyms throughout several states in the U.S. This one has me scratching my head though. It would be one thing if it were limited to a few however it is much more than that. Keep in mind I am admittedly "old school" and being an understanding person I give them room realizing that I am from another time period...one they would not understand. BUT...when you are sitting on a machine unwilling to get off until you have completed your 15th set of half-ass reps while I am waiting to continue using that same machine that I just warmed up on, getting ready to hit it hard, making the mistake of getting a drink at the water fountain before I hit it only to discover someone taking it over. ( a young girl who refused to share)
That is just one example of experiences that happen almost daily. People don't seem to understand what I guess is old fashioned proper gym etiquette...for example, I offer anyone to work in while I am on a machine if they look as though they would like to use it. But it is epidemic and not just the young , but the old as well! Am I missing something here!? Why has this change come about? It did not happen in the past...I know because I've not ever left the scene in all these years. Where or how do these people learn their behavior...after all it is better to get up off of the machine after a set and walk a little getting ready for the next set. It is maddening.

05-26-2014, 08:51 AM
I seems to stem from a "no cuts" type mentality.

Last year i was in vegas and had some tickets to see a taping of Wheel of Fortune. It being a tv show you have to get there real early and wait around. it was in a huge area if a convention center and there were lots of people, all of them older of course or most of them anyway. Senirs love their wheel.

They waiting area must have had 5,000 seats yet no one sat in them. they all seemed to have the mentality that if they sat down that someone would take cuts and get their rightful place in line. The seating in the show was all done by the crew so it didnt matter.

The wait was about 1-2 hours and these old fools wouldnt sit down. i of course sat the whole time. Some poor old ladies could barely even hold themselves up and stayed standing even after i offererd to hold their place in line for them.

It was obvious to me that it was a no cuts mentality taking place, a sort of greed that was very unbecoming.

I never noticed it before that but see it all the time now. Maybe it was around me everywhere all along and I just never noticed it.

05-26-2014, 09:03 AM
Just had some kids try to jump in on my bench today (I was super setting BORs and flat bench - rowing in front of the bench no rest between sets) and some young kids started trying to do dumbbell step ups on it...I just told find another one, I'm still on it - and they went on their way...if their is still a puddle of fresh sweat on it, it's in use.. I love training early morning for that reason - far fewer people and most seem more polite...

05-26-2014, 06:08 PM
I'm just getting old and grumpy I guess. It's not just the gym, it's everywhere. People seem unaware of their surroundings, completely self absorbed, evidently ignorant of the fact that they aren't the only person on the planet. It's simple common courtesy. There's a real lack of it now-a-days it seems. I hit the gym later in the evening when things have cleared out a good bit. Everywhere else; a club, the grocery store, the freakin' highway, every street and roadway in Dallas...you just 'arm' yourself for boorish behavior on the part of a good many others! :(